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What does Prime 3 Software mean?

When creating the name Prime 3 Software, the team wanted to represent our approach to the services we offer to our customers. There is a principle referred to as the Project Management Triangle (a.k.a the Iron Triangle or the Triple Constraint). Simply put, every project has cost, schedule and quality — pick your top two priorities:

ON TIME & TOP QUALITY, but it won’t be cheap.

CHEAP & TOP QUALITY, but it won’t be on time.

FAST & CHEAP, but it won’t be top quality

We chose the name Prime 3 to emphasize our dedication to striking the balance between all three of these principles. We believe that we can offer our customers extraordinary quality, budget-conscious solutions that are on time.


Most often, customers rank the cost factor as the highest when we start new projects. We work with our customers to find a solution that will work with their existing systems while keeping their budget in mind throughout our process. We focus on developing the best product at a budget that's fair, right-sizing the solution to fit any challenge.


From a schedule perspective, we realize that delivering on time allows our customers to maintain a competitive advantage in their market. Responsiveness to market changes, timely product deployment and realistic timelines allow us to ensure our customers are able to plan for the future and run their businesses optimally.


In Prime 3 Software’s experience, compromising quality in the short run has long term effects. We have a proven software development process built on industry best practices. In turn, this results in significantly fewer software defects, lower maintenance costs and a longer software lifecycle. We pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge solutions that will stand the test of time.

At Prime 3 Software we take a customer-first mentality and we want to reflect that in everything that we do. We work closely with our customers throughout the software development process to ensure we are meeting all of their needs.

We see our customers as partners, and we seek to add value beyond just the product services that we deliver. Our goal is to provide industry-leading software with all of our customers’ concerns in mind, constantly seeking the balance between budget, quality and schedule.

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